At The Old Market Assembly the menu is designed with people and planet in mind. We are quietly encouraging people to eat responsibly whilst not being fundamentalist or denying deliciousness. With two thirds of the main dishes vegan and vegetarian we consider meat to be a treat and welcome all flexitarians, pescatarians and die-hard meat eaters to unite alongside despisers of nuts and the fighters for gluten freedom.

We do our best to source as locally as possible and when we can’t source something locally we do our best to make sure we use a fair-trade and ethically produced alternative. We take time to create everyday excellence; slowly fermented breads, carefully prepared stocks, sprouted foods and living cultures. In this way we hope to create a cuisine that is delicious as well as good for you.

Above all we believe that nutritious, good quality and ethically produced food is a human right and not just the preserve of the elite. We are therefore committed to keeping our dishes as affordable as possible. Please let us know if you ever feel excluded based on price, have ideas of how we could improve or feel inspired to provide feedback to our chefs.

We have a number of different menus throughout the week, including kids options – just ask at the bar. Please click on the following links to get an idea of our menus:

Lunch( including our £5 Express Lunch options)



Sunday Roasts 12-3pm
Sunday evenings are PIZZA NIGHT! 

It’s worth noting our specials change daily and some dishes can be slightly different depending on what is available in the kitchen – it helps us reduce our waste.

To make a reservation email us at or call 0117 373 8199


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