We source our wines exclusively from within the Europe and make every effort to source from smaller producers and small co-operatives who use minimal intervention and organic farming practices. We also focus our list around varietals that are generally indigenous to the area they are grown in. Enjoy!

(v) Vegan (m) Minimal Intervention

Sizes: 125ml / 250 ml / 500 ml (carafe) / Bottle

Special Red

Organic Sangiovese, Bricco al Sole. (v)
Rich/Dark, Fruit/Velvet              £2.80/£5.20/£11.20/£16.50

Touriga Nacional, Encostas Do Gaviao.
Full/Floral/Dried Fruits                 £3.40/£6.50/£12.50/£18.50

Tempranillo, Pagoz de Aráiz. (m)
Sweet/Spicy/Red Berries             £3.60/£7.00/£13.60/£20.00

House Red

Primitivo, Boheme. (v)
Smooth/Black Cherry/Plum         £2.80/£5.20/£10.00/£14.50

Aragones, Plansel Selecta Reserva. (m)
Wild/Spicy/Dark Fruit                  £3.80/£7.20/£13.90/£22.00

Malbec, Chateau Bovila. (m)
Ruby/Spicy/Redcurrant               £4.10/£8.00/£15.60/£23.50

Special White

Chenin Blanc, La Cabriole. (v) (m)
Smooth, Honey, Melon             £3.00/£5.60/£11.00/£16.50

Three Choirs (v)
Crisp/Dry/Refreshing                  £3.50/£6.70/£12.80/£19.00

Chardonnay, Les Mougeottes. £3.60/£7.00/£13.20/£19.50

House White

Colombard, La Lande.
Fresh/Crisp/Green Apple                 £2.80/£5.20/£10/£14.50

Moscatel, Mariona. (v) (m)
Elegant/Juicy/Tropical                                         £3.50/£6.80/£12.90

Sauvignon Blanc, Urra di Mare.
Intense/Peach/Passion Fruit                        £4.10/£8/£15.50/ £23             

Sparkling and Rose

Garnacha Rosada, Campo Nuevo. (v)
Crisp/Juicy/Red Fruits                               £3/£5.75/£11.25/£16.50

Prosecco, Fiol.
Lively/Apple/Dry                                                 £4.30/£24             

Chardonnay, Bloomsbury Cuvée Merret.
Dainty/Citrus/Biscuit                                                             £38