Wayne and Wanda Valentine’s lip service

Time: 10pm
Date: Sat, 09th Feb 2019

Ever pretended to be Madonna in front of the mirror in the privacy of your bedroom? Ever practiced your Michael Jackson moves when nobody’s looking? Ever mimed to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car? Strutted your stuff down the road to Britney? Swung on a wrecking ball to Miley…

Course you have…

Now’s your chance to do it for real and live your dream of pop superstardom!

Choose your song and artist and you’ll be whisked off and transformed into your idol, ready to take the stage and give the performance of a lifetime in front of an adoring audience.

There’s no pressure to sing, just lipsync for the gawds!

We are so excited to have Wayne and Wanda back at The Old Market Assembly for a whole night of interactive lipsync mayhem!

£3 in advance & £5 on the door! Ticket’s on sale soon!