Midnight Ritual

Time: 10pm
Date: Sat, 08th Dec 2018

Midnight Ritual has play is a safe space for all those in-betweeners, all of those people who have found love, life and work elsewhere and are now straddling two or more places they call home. It is also a bridge, for those who are navigating the whole us-them paradigm and just need a little help crossing over to the other side. For me Tropical Bass is all about this. Its music for and by immigrants as well as all other people who identify with its hybrid flavour; it is also music that explores what it means to be human in the 21st century, where traditional and digital cultures meet, where global and local interact, young and new, familiar and unknown: a leveller where we all get to meet and dance. Bristol has a lot of heart for this kind of project and our audiences are the loveliest around.  Warm up this winter with some tropical heat!

Music starts at 10PM