FULL ATTACK BAND + DJ Pete Cunningham

Date: Fri, 01st Jul 2016
Full Attack Band

Take 5 cheeky musicians, add one badass MC and you get this nomadic international party outfit from London.
With classy Fedzilla on the mic there’s an essence of MIA – although more in attitude than style – this lot have a whole unique sound of their own.
One things for sure, these guys, led by saxophonist Alejandro Toledo, are a full, delicious attack on your ears and on your feet – you WILL be dancing your way into a sweaty, happy Friday night!
The party don’t stop when they leave the stage, DJ Pete Cunningham will keep you going until the early hours!
Get in the party mood and wrap your ears around this: https://soundcloud.com/alejandrotoledomusic

What do they say?
Soundclash of Latin, Balkan, African, Punk, and Electronica

What do we say?